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How to develop an Electronic Commerce that meets expectations

Currently, having an E-commerce is an asset. 2020 brought an unprecedented opportunity for companies to capitalize through e-commerce.

Changing consumer habits has brought brands new customers, but also more competition. Thus, it is necessary for your Electronic Commerce to stand out positively and to offer an outstanding experience to your customers.

Today, we explain how you can build an e-commerce page that matches your expectations and those of your potential customers.

Our first advice is to work with a team of professionals to help you develop your e-commerce page. A good online store requires a website with capacity for sales and stock management, order management, product creation, campaigns and discounts, among many other features that can be developed with the help of a specialized team.

Although there are hundreds of free template options on the internet, it is impossible to assess the quality of the code used to develop these templates. You may even end up purchasing a template that has malicious content in the code and infecting your website and others that are hosted on the same server or your customers' computers.

If you want to create a website with e-commerce functionality without spending the time to create a website from scratch, Zalox has the solution: Lite.

Lite is a template entirely designed and developed by Zalox with the aim of meeting the needs of companies in the current digital universe. The Lite template stands out for the quality offered at low cost, versatility and easy management.

We highlight the following advantages:

  • Hosting and software updates included;
  • Premium support with staff always available to respond to customer needs;
  • Possibility of customizing the template for each client;
  • Blog integration;
  • WooCommerce online store;
  • SEO optimization that will allow you to obtain excellent results in search engines.

The Lite template is ready to use, dramatically reducing development time and allowing customers to start enjoying their E-Commerce almost immediately. We offer this service on a monthly rental basis, which allows an almost zero initial investment compared to the acquisition of an e-commerce platform.

The Zalox Lite has a monthly cost of 149 € + VAT.

If you want to bet on Electronic Commerce, this is the best option on the market for you. Find out more about Lite at and contact us! We will help you bring your business to your new customers.

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